New galleries

An entire 4 new galleries have been added today, with stuff from everything I’ve done over the years, there’s drawings, prints, merchandise production, ads for magazines, 2D stuff and lots of 3D artwork. Check them out by clicking on each category on the menu bar right above! 2D Artwork – In here you’ll find some of my old sketches. 3D Artwork – And here you’ll find some 3D stuff. Prints…

February 3, 2015

Goodbye Drupal, hello WordPress!

After many happy years with Drupal as the main CMS of this site, I’ve finally taken the plunge to make life less complicated, so I’ve installed WordPress instead, and oh boy…it really was as smooth and easy as they said it would be. I remember those days when I spent many long hours setting up Drupal, it was kind of fun, but as life progresses – I really have other…

January 24, 2015