Manyland graphics

I’ve made a lot of 8-bit like graphics lately in a place called It’s a place where you can create graphics along with millions of users from all over the world. I decided to up the stakes a bit and try to break through the 8-bit barrier, it turned out to be quite notable in Manyland and the areas I made got thousands of hits in a few weeks.

Here’s a few screen dumps for your viewing pleasure:

As you might be able to tell there’s a pixel editor in one of the images above. There is a limit of 29 x 29 pixels to work with (albeit with a lot of colors). It’s kind of tricky to build large areas like these when you only have small blocks to work with. It almost remind me of the SPRITE editor back in the good old Commodore 64 days.

It’s mainly a graphics game but there is also “in-game” communications so that people from all over the world can chat with each other. This provides an excellent opportunity for feedback on building an area and other processes.

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