I won an award!


I won an award from the community at www.manyland.com for an “amazing” area. The area features a long walk, were the user has to walk without any tools or anything to help them trough a very long game area that sort of acts like a long music video. Down below, you can see what the award committee wrote about it:

Manyland 1000 days award for an amazing area: Joongle’s Electronics area remains an incredibly creative and popular area for Manyzens to hang out and forge new bonds, however it is for another area entirely that we commend Joongle today.

That long walk is a truly Unique area, one of which seeks to challenge as much as entertain, to affect emotionally as well as practically and to tell a story that is mostly guided by the user, through snippets of text, music and environmental changes.

Manyzens struggle for words to express the effect the area has on them, for some it is a reminder of harder times, for others an assurance that obstacles can be overcome, for all it is a deep and meaningful walk, and for this we commend Joongle.

*Joongle is my username in the online chat/game creation/community system.

** Manyland is a game content creation system, visit it here: www.manyland.com

*** That Long Walk is an Area created by Tommy Helgevold as an Art project in-game where the users will experience certain emotions. You can visit That Long Walk and take the tour yourself, no user account is required to walk the walk, but prepare to spend an entire hour walking it! http://manyland.com/thatlongwalk


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