Winner! White Noise Project.


As some of you may be aware of, I dabble around a little with electronics as well as 3D and arts. I also like to enter competitions on the net where we get challenged to do various tasks or invent stuff. This time I won the DF Electronics Forum challenge – make a white noise generator.

What is White Noise, you may ask? A White Noise is the static hissing sound you hear from those old analog television sets, or the FM radio when it’s not tuned in correctly. The white noise can be used to test the purity of sound systems as well as provide some people with a soothing hissing sound that can have a very relaxing effect.


In the above picture you can see how the finished prototype looks like inside, I like to make my stuff modular – which means that you can easily remove parts of the construction to modify things or perform service. The batteries are easily changed on this model.


Here’s a video presentation of the finished product:

The original entry for the competition here:

A finished prototype, all the way from idea to a product that can be used straight away.


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